Colleges and Universities Can Be Some of the Most Valuable Customers of All

As those whose companies pursue government contracts know, the basically bureaucratic organizations that are typical of that realm can be challenging to deal with. Patience and a great deal of flexibility tend to pay off, with only those who can live up to what can sometimes seem like unreasonable demands ever feeling comfortable with that style of business.

While government agencies stand out in this respect and others, there are somewhat related ones that can be a bit easier and more lucrative to which to market. Many colleges and universities, for instance, combine a fair share of the institutional rigidity typical of so many government agencies with some unique quirks of their own. While being a little more tractable on the one hand, the special nature of their business means that they demand a particular approach from companies that would seek to profitably serve their needs.

The fact is, though, that marketing to colleges can be a lot easier to do successfully than many would assume. While that kind of activity will inevitably involve work that would not be necessary in the purely private realm, the payoff can easily be great enough to justify it. At the same time, those who make real inroads in the area often find that they encounter a good bit less competition than they are used to along the way.


Suitably enough, the first step in any such venture should be to conduct some extensive education market research. Learning about the institutions of higher learning that a business proposes to target should always be considered of fundamental importance, because it is otherwise invariably too easy to make missteps or go off course. Understanding the needs of the educators, administrators, or support staff whose needs a company’s offerings are going to be positioned to target is always the most productive way of getting started.

Once that foundation of knowledge has been built, particular marketing strategies will tend to suggest themselves. Along the way, it will normally be necessary to become familiar with any existing barriers to adoption, just as it is the world of bidding for government contracts. For those who crack the books and study hard, though, graduation to greater things is often almost guaranteed.

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